Hussey Family at Southernwood, 1971

Peter John Ferry Hussey and Virginia Thurston Barnes met through friends in New York in the mid fifties. They married in 1957, started squeezing out pups a year later, moved to Rowayton, Connecticut, and thereafter strove to give their boys, Harry, Desmond, Freddy, Christopher and John, the best upbringing possible.

Virginia passed in 1984 when Harry was 25 and John was 13. Her departure pains us to this day but nevertheless, we have persevered, embarked upon successful careers, continued in avocational paths upon which our mother set us in the arts, sports and charity and married wonderful wives who are charming, interesting and beautiful women whom we know our mother would have loved. And now there are 14 beautiful and talented grandchildren.

Pop has continued to provide a home base for all of us in Rowayton, maintains an active schedule of charity work at the church, the soup kitchen, and FISH, where he drives elderly people to their doctor's appointments. He is a master bridge player, swims regularly and is a good neighbor to the community in Rowayton Woods. He has taught us all how to think critically yet have a good time doing so. We all give awesome parties, value a sense of humor greatly, and grill each other relentlessly. And when we get together, we have been known to sing Zoombaza!

Thanksgiving, Chris and Anne's 2013