We met at 7 at the Lotus Room in The Beaumont Hotel for a Thanksviving dinner put on by Chris and Anne. They usually host it at home so they figured they'd do it here. Fortunately they have the funds.

Twenty-five Husseys around a table is a site to behold. What a crew! The waitstaff is amused. This is a very exclusive hotel. Our AirBnB host, Fabio, just told us that George Clooney had had a party here the week before. Fabio said, "It's very private, the name isn't even on the front. The only way I knew it was there was that around the back there was a door that said 'Service Entrance for the Beaumont'." This was relatively true, the signs in the front were very understated.

The first course is the butternut squash soup. This is Anne's specialty so we have been curious as to how the hotel would do it. Their's is good, spicier than Anne's, but really, no comparison.

The younger children walk around giving shoulder rubs at Sam's direction. We hear stories of the older ones exploits at college, the marines, and high school. I am so proud of this whole crew. They really are a remarkable group of people.

Grant is the only one not here, being in Sao Paolo on a Rotary Exchange program. We are able to Skype with him and he is passed around the table to everyone for Thanksgiving greeting. This technology is amazing. To be able to talk with someone halfway around the world is just out of this world. And the kids are growing up with this, so it's just a part of their DNA.

After dinner we sing a very loud rendition of God Bless America. The waiters are amused. We follow up with a version of God Save The Queen which Freddy hastily googles the lyrics for.

The night ends with a group photo and then a snapshot of Pop next to some nude in the lobby.